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Don Bain

Book Review: Total Engagement - how games and virtual worlds will change the way we work

1 min read

This a profound set of ideas, although they are hard to describe. I liken the book to looking at the early maps the European explorers generated of North America. Something valuable here, but the resolution is low at this early stage and we do not have enough experience. Still, the ideas are spot on. I plan to return to Total Engagement for a second read in a few months, and see how the temporal impressions change. I suspect we will be referring to this one for some time to come. I met Byron Reeves a couple of years ago at a conference, and follow his work. You should too. He is a professor at alma mater Stanford. Hat's off to my local library for ordering a copy for their collection after my inquiry about the title. If you are not engaging with the incredible new services your library is offering, you are missing out.