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Don Bain

Store your Photos for Free - Public Service Announcement

I take a lot of photos* ... just because ... Besides, bits (that make up photos) are virtually free. Google recently announced you, me, anyone can store an unlimited number of photos and videos on google servers, for free. Here's the deal: the pictures and videos you save are private (unless you share), compressed a little (unless you want to pay for uncompressed storage) and automatically (if you allow) upload when you connect your phone or camera SD card to your computer. Mind you, you should store your photos as you do now, and just use Google as a backup.** Head over to and check it out.

* This one from this morning's pug meetup.
** Even though I use Google as my backup, it still does some cool things like auto-grouping (by date or subject), allow searches, and more, that I can't do with my original pictures stored locally.