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Don Bain

Episode 1: Meet Pancho the Ranch Dog

Hi. Pancho here - but people close to me call me No-No-Bad-Dog or Damnit Pancho if they are really excited to see me. Today is my birthday!

I am trying out for a new job called ranch dog. This morning before breakfast we played a fun game called Stampede-the-Herd. The momma cows with new babies kept wanting to play another game I think they call Stomp-da-Pug, but it is not as much fun.

The foreman of this outfit - I call him food dish manager (this is his internet account) - is grumpy for some reason. Heard him mumble "Figures your birthday would be on April 1st."

More later. Boss said something about 'leave the wild hog alone.' Can't wait to see what happens after breakfast.

Your pal, Pancho.