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Don Bain

Episode 13: Serenity is Overated

Hi Buckeroos, Pancho here on day 13 of ranch doggin'. I thought we would share this picture of serenity - me savoring a moment as the knuckle-headed cows gather around their water dish. Yessir, this is one of those moments it is good to be alive take account of your work, yada, yada, yada.

Nobody else around here seems concerned about this boring lack of action and general bad attitude of all these cows. Awh heck, what are they waitin' for? If no one else will, I'll pull the pin on this pug and lob him into the mix. Let's get this rodeo started. "Hey y'all, watch this!" is my new battle cry.

Now they want me to take my business in the house. Not long ago it was all "what is that smell and who let Pancho in the house?" I wish these fickle peeps would make up their minds.

Your Pal, Pancho.