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온카지노Google had bigger company executives. Some were smarter. There were those who were more aggressive and those who were undoubtedly better at throwing sharp elbows. And more political companies - even if people who have run one of the most influential companies in the world continue to think of themselves as benign long after it became apparent to everyone else that it was not.

Most of them disappeared. Most are as rich as Croissus. But they are not at the pinnacle of one of the most powerful companies on Earth.

Because after all, a nice guy named Sundar Picha finished first. On Tuesday, Pichai was named chief executive officer of the company’s chassis, Alphabet, which was named the company’s chief executive, and there are a number of other initiatives that are not more impressive. The soft-spoken executive, born in India, has been promoted from product manager to vice president and Google chief executive officer. Now this big announcement.

It seems like a big deal that the era of the two eccentric founders, Larry Page, who was chief executive, and Sergey Brin, who was president, ended because the founder’s myth is so strong in Silicon Valley.

In fact, the two have checked out a long time ago, managing little actual business. Their myriad interests differ from running a business that allowed them to have countless profits. (Google’s first "adult" director - former Google CEO Eric Schmidt also moved in.)

But in giving up their executive titles, Mr. Brin and Mr. Page will not relinquish any of their power. Sometimes, although both are 46 years old, the pair, still internally called "boys," will remain on the board, and will also continue to hold most of the company’s voting rights, giving them substantial control.

In a letter bidding for the fake adieu, they played two superpowers dads ready to say goodbye to the 21-year-old company they started in the garage.

"It has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the company's day-to-day management, but we believe it's time to take on the role of proud parents, offering advice and love but not daily nagging!"

Even if they keep nagging, what a pleasant analogy. 온카지노바카라게임

Still, patient Pichai would eventually become the face of the company, where he was a loyal lieutenant whose charismatic leaders took the reins with such beings as Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Apple’s Tim Cook.

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