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Don Bain

Episode 17: Needs a TicTac

Hi Partners. Pancho your ranch dog with you again. I am still learnin' this language see, and have gotten pretty good at selective listening. One of the quirks I have observed from the ranch foreman is that if you put Oh in front of somethin', as in Oh Shoot or similar, it means somethin' bad is happenin' right now.

Well that rules applies to the creature in this photo. It is nasty on both ends and filled with rotten disposition in the middle. Figures that the first varmit on this ranch I can outrun would be no fun at all. Catch one in the open, circle him up and all you get is hissing sound like air coming outta a tire, big stupid grin and grubworm breath that makes buzzards demand a TicTac before they'll eat one.

Of all the things I'd say in the first seconds of our introduction, Oh Possum was not one of 'em. Oh Well. Oh Pug signing off until tomorrow.

Your Pal, Pancho