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Don Bain

Episode 18: Check the Drawer

Hi Buckeroos. Pancho the ranch dog checking in again.

More coyote trouble. We have extras if you need some. Ranch foreman has been all pacifist lately, in what he calls his kinder and gentler stage. And it is true that he can't hit doodoo, but at least he could shoot at 'em once in a while to take the bravado down a notch or two.

Anyway, here's another mystery. Coyote walking around the cow herd and everyone is peaceful and calm. I thought I heard 'em all singing Kumbaya together. There's a big injustice here. Drop a ranch pug in the mix and the second law of thermodynamics sets in with those cows(the ranch foreman is an engineer and he likes to say stuff like that - it means all hell breaks loose). I mean fellars, the rodeo starts, better call the rodeo clowns 'cus the ole pug needs a rescue.

All the excitement reminds me of the time the lady found a snake in her underwear drawer at the ranch house. Maybe the cows are not as vocal, and certainly not as operatic, but the vertical and lateral motion is about the same and we had to fix fence again. Ranch foreman called it an immaculate snake, whatever kind that is, doesn't know how it could get in there and always has to turn and go outside to do his smirkin'. Poor lady is damaged and goes through life using a fishing pole to get underwear outta her drawer.

Never dull on this ranch, no sir.

Your Pal, Pancho.