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Don Bain

Episode 4: Pancho's Superpowers

Hi pardners, Pancho the cadet ranch dog here. You may recall a couple of episodes ago that Dang O Bull and I got in each other's grill, had words, and in a stunning lapse of character Dang O saw fit to bring in the boss on our little altercation.

Well, you'll be glad to know Dang O and I have it worked out. He can do whatever he wants on his side of the fence and I am free to trash talk all I want on my side of the fence. The foreman stopped by our little peace parlay and said, "Durn it Pancho, if you make me fix fence I swear blah, blah, blah..."

Let me stop this story right here and say that if I had superpowers like that, I would not waste them on making him fix stupid ole fence. No sir, I would make Mr. Tightwad reach in his wallet and upgrade that flavored cardboard he calls dog food into something more fitting to a highly tuned canine instrument.

Back to Dang O, after spending some serious time with him I can honestly say there is a good reason they have anti-bully campaigns in schools all across this country. Never have I met such a simple-minded, foul-tempered creature. Well, there was that one idiot beagle with the badge complex that worked for TSA, but that's a story for another day.
Your Pal, Pancho.