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Don Bain

Episode 6: Coyotes Look Better at Dawn

Hi Friends. Pancho here, just back from a maneuver we call dawn patrol in the ranch dog business. That picture right there is a native American coyote. I'm kinda surprised to see one this early since the whole bunch was out singing all night and had obviously been drinkin'.

There's another thing about the picture I'd like to bring to your attention. Seems Ms. Coyote can walk around in the cow herd and everybody is calm as can be - just another Prozac moment. But drop a good-looking 20# pug in the herd and everyone goes all DefCon 4 berserk.

So I'd like to add another cow character flaw to the already long list (ill temper, slow of wit, lack of sense of humor ... I could go on) - distempergration. You know, distempergration - when they treat you badly just because of your curly tail or your suave smushed nose. I mean this is 2016 and this sort of thing is not supposed to happened. AND, I know I had a shot to prevent distempergration. That durn thing hurt and I think the foreman ought to ask for his money back since it clearly doesn't work.

One more thing. Did you see how Ms. Coyote looked at me over her shoulder as she was leaving? She even licked her lips in a oddly disturbing but inviting sorta way. I think she is sweet on me.

Your Pal, Pancho.