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Don Bain

Episode 8: They Call me Stupido

Hi friends. Pancho here. RDIT. That's ranch dog in training for all you civilians following along at home.

This picture is from what we call a navigational waypoint. My ranch foreman is a pilot and he likes to say stuff like that. I know it has to do with navigation because he says, "This is where things went South." You see, I was on routine pasture patrol and I roll up on this slovenly old cow. At that point (get it? waypoint), I stop and look back at the foreman in order to get a crystal clear read on his mind.

Long story short, that cow needed a good dressing down for showing up in my pasture with less than squared away appearance, bad attitude and complete disrespect for ranch dog authority. I mean it is one thing for a cow to trash the dog, but you don't dis' the badge. I coulda sworn the boss was signalling - yeah, write her up on full report.

So his side of the story is different and I had to live with Mr. Grumpy all the way back to the ranch house. I just hope he forgets by the time we normally pass out bacon at breakfast, yessir. Should be OK because he called me a new term of endearment - Mr. Stupido. Nice ring to it and with a Mr. thrown in for respect.
Your Pal, Pancho.